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This is the special support page for our members, from which they can submit help requests about the site or about their memberships. We will respond as quickly as possible- usually within a few minutes to a few hours.

A common question is why sometimes the word searches pop up the login screen. The answer is that the searches are secuirty protected by the login system and will do that if you're not logged in yet.

You can login either before submitting a search or wait until the system asks you to login afterwards. You can Login here or use the navigation links in the upper left menu of the members area.

Support, Cancellation Requests or Feedback

Please use the following form to submit comments and support requests if you need help, or email us at staff@a2zwordfinder.com. You may also postal mail us at A2zNews.com LLC., 4800 Whitesburg Drive, Suite 131, Huntsville, AL 35802. 1-256-426-7694

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