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How can I become an A2z Member?

Paid Memers Area Benefits for Word Game Enthusiasts:

  • Word finders with no advertising (see free demo...)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly interfaces
  • Fast response times with multiple servers
  • Comprehensive word games support
  • Several word lists for Scrabble, Anagrams, etc...
  • (see more details...)

To Enroll for Your 7-Day Risk Free Trial:

Thank you very much for deciding to enroll and help support this website! It is free for the first 7-day trial period, and either $2.95 monthly or $19.95 annually thereafter.

Here are step-by-step directions to create a subscription with access to our special members area:

  1. First visit the Signup Page to begin your enrollment
  2. Enter your desired user information:
    1. For first time entry- input name, email address, desired username & password and then proceed
    2. If you previously created an account on A2z, but did not finish subscribing due to an error:
      1. Login and click on Dashboard icon on left side of members arera panel (below blue header at top)
      2. Below Active Subscriptions, if it says "You have no active subscriptions" then you need to add one:
        1. Click on link "Add/Renew subscription form to order or renew subscription"
        2. Scroll to bottom of signup page, then continue to add your desired Subscription normally
  3. No charges are due until after free trial period, but a payment method is needed to enroll:
    1. Ckick Next to visit PayPal
    2. Log into PayPal, or click Pay With Debit or Credit Card
    3. Enter transaction info for either method as follows:
      1. For PayPal account:
        1. Login normally, and a transaction details page will display
        2. Verify transaction details show payments will go to a2zNews.com, LLC.
        3. Click Agree & Subscribe button
      2. For Credit/Debit cards:
        1. Enter the card information, then choose one of the options below:
        2. Yes, I'd like a PayPal account; or
        3. No, I don't want an account now
    4. Then click the Agree & Subscribe button (for either payment method)
    5. It will show a transaction verification screen for a few seconds
    6. Then your browser will redirect back to the A2z Members Area
  4. A Thank you for Signing up message will be shown as follows:
  5. "Your payment is not yet confirmed by payment system. It may take several minutes to get confirmation of the payment. This page will be automatically refreshed within 00:10 seconds"
    1. Wait for it to complete the confirmation, which may take a few minutes
    2. Countdown timer will refresh once or twice every ten seconds until confirmed
  6. You will be returned to the Members Dashboard, where you can select "Word Tools" link in the top menu to load the memners area search pages.
  7. If you have questions/comments or need help:
    1. For general questions, visit the Suppport->FAQ link on your user Dashboard menu.
    2. If you have any issues, visit the Support->Helpdesk link in your user Dashboard menu.
  8. Enjoy your membership, and Happy Puzzling!!