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How can I use the Capital Letters = Required? option for refining word lookup results?

Capital Letters = Required? Option Facts

A powerful feature of the A2z Scrabble Word Finder, and variants like the Words with Friends unscrambler tools, involves using capital letters in the Input Letters box.

This option forces lookup results to be filtered such that ONLY words that include at least the user supplied capitalized letters will be displayed.

Use Capital Letters option for forcing the use of one or more letter tiles:

  • This option may be turned on or off by first clicking the Show Search Options button
  • Then click either On or Off under the Capital Letters = Required ? label
  • When On, it means that all returned words MUST have at least those capitalized letter(s)
  • Inputting 'Cats' will find only words with a 'C' somewhere in them
  • Example: 'Cats' would return 'acts, cast, cats and scat' but not 'sat' or 'as' or 'at'
  • Multiple capitals can be used: 'CaTs' would find 'acts, cast, cats, scat' for instance
  • This can be used for fitting across parallel words, or to fit high scoring letters within score multiplier spots
  • On cell phones and mobile devices, be careful since they may capitalize the first letters within input text areas by default

Happy Puzzling!

A2z Staff