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What if I get Access Denied messages?

The Members Area requires that you be logged into an active subscription to gain access to its features and files, such as the A2z Word Finder tools that have no advertising displayed.

If your membership has expired OR if you're not logged in, you will get a message such as the one below trying to load subscription-protected content:

(Example Error Message):

Access Denied

You have no access to Folder Members Only (https://www.a2zwordfinder.com/membersOnly). Visit order page to order additional subscriptions.

Other Symptoms and Remedies:

Note that the Search buttons on the word finder pages may also not work if your subscription has expired, if you're not logged in, or if your browser needs to refresh the page:

  1. Your browser may be using a cached copy of the members area, so try refreshing the page and then re-login when prompted.
  2. If you feel that your subscription should be up-to-date, you may submit a Help Ticket for assistance.
  3. You may activate a paid subscription plan or re-activate an expired plan on the order page.
  4. Call us at 256-426-7694 or email to [email protected] for urgent assistance requests.