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Keep Your Brain Sharp on Word Games and Puzzles!

Build your vocabulary and game skills with word finder tools while supporting this site as a patron.

See ScienceDaily News Article about how word and number puzzles can improve multiple brain functions:

"Older adults who regularly take part in word and number puzzles have sharper brains, according to the largest online study to date."

Paid Memership Area Benefits for Word Game Enthusiasts:

  • Word finders with no advertising
  • Mobile and tablet friendly interface
  • Fast response times with multiple servers
  • Comprehensive word games support
  • Several word lists for Scrabble, Anagrams, etc...

Membership Terms:

  • All plans cost about a cup of coffee per month, but offer a lot more enjoyment time!
    • Monthly: $1.50 USD per month after free trial period
    • Quarterly: $2.95 USD per 3 months after free trial period
    • Annually: $4.95 USD per year after free trial period
    • 3 Years: $9.95 USD per 3-year period after free trial period
    • 5 Years: $14.95 USD per 3-year period after free trial period
  • Help system for questions, problems or suggestions
  • Affiliate program for referred paid memberships pays 50% commission
    • Just two friends enrolled under you will pay for your subscription!
    • 2nd-tier referrals are those recruited by your direct referred members, which also pays 15% commissions
    • There are no limits in term or how many affiliates you can recruit to earn commissions on
    • Web site owners can contact us at A2zNews.com to participate as non-member affiliates too
    • (See more Affiliates Program details in its FAQ entry)

We've Provided Word Games and Tools for 25+ Years (since 1997 at PuzzleDepot.com)

In exchange for your financial contribution, you can have an ad-free experience in this site's A2z Members Area while enjoying the benefits listed above.

We've been around for quite some time, so you can trust that we'll be here to help! Thank you and Happy Puzzling!

A2z Staff