A2zWordFinder Crossword Dictionary Lookup Instructions
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  • Basic Info - You can use this word search utility to complete hard-to-finish crosswords where you know some of the letters, but you can't quite solve the last few words. Multiple dictionaries and languages are provided for your assistance in online, local newspaper or New York Times crosswords.
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  • Search Basics - This dictionary utility finds matching words from partial word letter patterns for recreational, educational & competitive word games. You may choose among the several dictionary sources arranged on this page. The English list is the most comprehensive with over 700,000 entries for words and phrases, but if it returns too many options you can try the American or British lists.
    In the search boxes around this center panel, type a search pattern of known letters mixed together with missing letter positions indicated by '?'. Then click the Find Words button and the results will appear here. For example, the search pattern 'm?m' will return the words 'mam' and 'mom'.
    Note that the English list contains multi-word phrases that may appear to be misspelled at first glance since the spaces have been removed. These have been included to give you the highest chance of finding the most elusive of solutions if the clue is too cryptic for you.
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