A2z Word Finder: Crossword Pattern Search Instructions

Let us help you complete those hard-to-finish crosswords and other word puzzles where you know some of the letters, but you just can't quite think of the missing ones! This dictionary utility finds matching words from partial word letter patterns for recreational, educational, & competitive word games.

In the search box above- type a given pattern of known letters mixed together with missing letter positions indicated by '?', click the Find Crosswords button, and the results will appear here. Ex: m?m returns 'mom'. (If you don't see an input area above, click here).

Crossword Puzzles Trivia

Although the origin of crossword puzzles can be traced to 19th century children's books, journalist Arthur Wynne is credited with creating the first modern crossword puzzle in 1913. It was presented in New York World on December 21, 1913 and soon became a regular feature. More and more newspapers starting publishing crosswords, and by 1924 crossword puzzles were a worldwide craze.