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  • Enter letters from source area in Letters box
    • Capital letter means it must be used: 'Cats' will find only words with 'c', but 'cats' might not
    • Multiple capitals can be used
  • Pattern fits words with letters already played:
    • Unscrambles words with the input letters plus the pattern
    • Grid Pattern indicates played letters with wildcards:
      • Open grid cells are input as '_' or '?'
      • 'A?P' fits onto words starting with A & 3rd letter P,
    • Note: for bonus words, do not enter a Grid Pattern
  • Choose Dictionary (modified ENABLE2K list is default)
  • Hit Find Words button to see results
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Stuck in Wordscapes? Need help finding those bonus words for extra game coins? A2z’s Wordscapes Answers is the cheat tool that'll help you out smart the game.

A2z Wordscapes Cheat is a Wordscapes Helper solution. Just enter the source letters and hit the search button... A2z Wordscapes Solver will unscramble words from these letters within A2z's Wordscapes Dictionary to help you fill out the game puzzle.

Every set of search results is sorted by length to help you finish each level. Just have it solve for all possible unscrambled words hidden in your letters! You can also use an optional grid match pattern that fits the working letters onto words already placed.

Whether you're playing Wordscapes, Words With Friends, Word Cookies Cheats, Word Scramble, Word Chums, 4 Pics 1 Word, word jumble or your daily crossword… A2z Word Finder offers the word and anagram solver help you need to win!