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Play free word building, crossword stype games such as the Scrabble Game, with word finder help on the left side to help improve your unscramble skills. To use word finder during a game, first pick the word list link you'd like to use.
During play, input your rack letters and optional pattern of already played letters on the board to find words that will fit through them or next to them. Use the Find Words button to unscramble words that fit your letters on the left side.

Rack: Match: Where: Any Start End (Help) Other Games: Sowpods - OSPD4 - TWL

Rack: Match: Where: Any Start End (?)


The goal of the game is to form the highest scoring words from a set of seven letters while interlocking to existing words. All players make their move at the same time, but only the best word is placed in case of interfering words. To create a word, drag the letters from your rack to the game board. Note that the very first word must be placed on the center square marked with a star and that you must place letters next to each other withou spaces in between. When you have placed your word, click the Submit button. If you haven't submitted a word within the time limit, you will pass the round and get all letters you have placed on the board back.

If you are not sure if a word is valid, you may enter it in the test word area and click the Test Word button. You can also change letters if you fail to find a good word to place. To change letters, press the Change Letters button, select the letters you want to change and click the Submit button.

All players place their word at the same time. This means that it is possible that all words do not fit together. If this is the case, the highest scoring word will win, and the other words will be removed from the board. The removed words will only receive half the score.

Every Crosswise game is 10, 20 or 30 rounds (only the private games). The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. If you are a registered member the highest score you have received will be stored after a game is over (only 10 and 20 round games). Depending on several factors you will also receive (or lose) ranking points after a game. Beware, if you log out of a game already running you will lose the same amount of ranking points as losing the game. However if you enter a game that is nearly finished and don't wish to lose ranking you have a short time to get out of the room without losing ranking.

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