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A2z Scrabble® Word Finder Help

  • Choose which Dictionary to use
  • Pick Scoring based on game type
  • Select Minimum Length to show
  • Pick Sort By Length, Points or a-z
  • Enter game letters in Letters box
    • Use '#' or '-' as blank tiles
    • Capital letter means it must be used: 'Cats' will find only words with 'c', but 'cats' might not
    • Multiple capitals can be used
  • Grid Pattern fits words with letters already played:
    • Unscrambles words with Rack letters plus the pattern
    • Grid Pattern indicates played letters & open game spaces = '_' or '?'
    • To fit words starting with A & 3rd letter P, use 'A?P'
    • Fit to Grid Pattern sets where pattern is to be matched
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Green = Correctly placed letter
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