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 Capital Letters = Required ?

Word Finder Help for WordOx

  • Enter your game rack letters into the first Letters box
    • Use '#' or '-' to represent blank tiles
    • The Clear and Add # buttons are clickable shortcuts
  • Optional Pattern fits new words with letters already played:
    • Unscrambles words with Rack letters plus the pattern letters
    • Pattern sets played letters & open game spaces, where wildcards are '_' or '?'
    • To fit words starting with a & 3rd letter p, use 'a?p'
    • The Clear and Add ? buttons are clickable shortcuts
    • Find with Pattern at: sets where pattern is to be matched: Start - End - Anywhere
  • Click Search Options + for advanced settings
    • Capital Letters Required ? means all returned words MUST have at least those capitalized letters
      • 'Cats' will find only words with 'c' somewhere in them
      • 'Cats' would return 'acts, cast, cats and scat' but not 'sat' or 'as'
      • Multiple capitals can be used: 'CaTs' would filter out 'as, at, sat'
      • This is used with Pattern for fitting across parallel words or to fit high scoring letters within score multiplier spots
      • On cell phones, be careful since they may capitalize first positions in Letters and Pattern by default
    • Set the Min Length from 2 to 15 letters
    • Choose Sort By options as A-z, Length or Points
    • Use Dictionary selection to change the words source
    • Letter Scores sets the scoring values by type of game
  • Words found will overwrite this Help section
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Find WordOx words & how to fit them onto play board

Stumped in WordOx? Getting crushed in Word Chums? Bashing on buddies in Words With Friends? A2z’s WordOx Word Finder is the cheat tool that'll help you out score the competition.

A2z WordOx Cheat isn’t just a simple word search helper, but rather a total WordOx Helper solution. Just enter your rack letters and hit the search button... A2z WordOx Solver will unscramble high scoring words from these letters within A2z's WordOx Dictionary. Every set of search results is sorted by length or by points. Just let it solve for unscrambled words hidden in your letters! You can also use an optional board match pattern that finds solutions to fit your tiles onto words already played on the game board.

Need more help? A2z Word Finder also provides word scramble lists full of power plays that will boost your word game skills to the next level. Our A2z Word Finder has a large set of word lists for word building games. Browse Scrabble words to find high-scoring plays; or if you know which letters you need help with, just browse the special Scrabble words below:

Word Lists for Playing WordOx

Whether you're playing WordOx, Words With Friends, Word Cookies Cheats, Word Scramble, Word Chums, 4 Pics 1 Word, word jumble or your daily crossword… A2z Word Finder offers the Scrabble word finder and Scrabble Dictionary help you need to win!

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